AMFET award

I. Introduction.


The AMFET award is a joint initiative of the organizers of the MACROMODELS International Conference and the AMFET association. The award, funded by the AMFET association, involves the payment of the MACROMODELS conference fees  and accommodation costs.

II. Judging Panel


The Judging Panel consists of the organiser of the MACROMODELS conference and president of the AMFET association, and other members of the conference’s Programme Committee invited to sit on the Panel. Its composition is blind.

III. Deadlines


The AMFET award competition is an annual event. The deadline for submissions is October 10 every year and the winners shall be announced by October 20. The Judging Panel may, at their discretion, decide to grant 1-2 additional awards or reject all submissions.

IV. Award criteria


Eligible for the competition are papers submitted for presentation at the next MACROMODELS conference. The competition is open to young researchers (not older than 40 years) from tertiary education institutions or scientific institutions in transition countries.

V. Publication


The results of the contest are published on the Macromodels International Conference web page. Additionally, we encourage participants to submit papers to “Central European Journal of Economic Modelling and Econometrics”.