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Publication history


19th Macromodels 1992
Jan B. Gajda, Waldemar Florczak
ABSOLWENT, Lodz 1993, ISBN:83-901461-8-5
Introduction 5
National Models
Eskil Heinesen, A Macroeconomic Rationing Model of the Danish Goods and Labour Markets Estimated by Generalized Method of Moments 9
Grażyna Juszczak-Szumacher, Maria M. Kaźmierska, Nina Łapińska-Sobczak, Aleksander Welfe, Władysław Welfe, The Qarterly Model of the Polish Economy. The Revised Version 27
Niels Kaergard, Anne K. Hoj, The Danish Economic Council’s Smec-Model 59
Ivan Šujan, Jan Haluška, Michal Olexa, Judita Orságowá, An Experimental Annual Model of the CSFR Economy with Disaggrregation Foreign Trade 71
Economies in Transition
Gerhard Gehrig, Guiding Economies in Transition by Econometrics 93
Wilhelm Krelle, On the Subsidization of Firms in the Process of Transition from a Planned to a Market Economy 105
Special Models
Ellen Andersen, The Housing Market in Adam 137
Maria M.Kaźmierska, Wojciech Zatoń, Dynamic Expectations in the Quarterly Model of the Polish Economy 143
Aleksander Markowski, Tony Persson, Stabilization Policy and Cost of Capital in Sweden 161
Heinz Glűck, Stefan Schleicher, Macroeconomic Impacts of Co2 Reduction Strategies 175
Methodological Issues
Jerzy Cz. Ossowski, Some Statistical Problems of Estimation of the Log-Linear Model 199
Kazimierz Krauze, Spatial Aggregation and Time-Verying Regression Coefficients 213
Jan B. Gajda, Degree of Interdependency of Econometric Model 239
Czesław Lipiński, Josef Gruber, Tolerance Analysis for Structural Parameters in Linear Multi-equation Econometric Model 251
Computational Systems
Jean L. Brillet, Micro-computer Evolution and Econometric Modelling: A Test Based on Two Packages 269
Manfred Gilli, Giorgio Pauletto, Parallel Computers for Econometric Model Simulation 277
Summaries of the other Papers
Wojciech Charemza, Unit Root Econometrics and Economic Nonlinearities 295
Waldemar Florczak, Michał Majsterek, Aleksander Welfe, An Application of Cointegration Approach in Analysing of Inflation Processes 296
Władysław Milo, Problems of Estimation and Testing 297
Magdalena Osińska, Jerzy Romański, The Warsaw Stock Exange – An Integration Cointegration Analysis 298
Bernard Schips, Econometric Modelling and Data problems. As an Example: The Financial Sector in the Systems of National Accounts 300
Kenneth F. Wallis, Comparing Macroeconometric Models: The Experience of the ESRC Macroeconometric Modelling Bureau 301