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Publication history


21th Macromodels 1994
Wladyslaw Welfe, Robert Kelm
ABSOLWENT, Lodz 1994, ISBN:83-903074-1-3
Introduction 5
Władysław Welfe, Qarterly Macroeconometric Models for the Period of Transition. General Assumptions 9
Peter Winker, Stochastic Simulations of a Macroeconometric Disequilibrium Model for West Germany 31
Geert L de Wet, Estelle Jonkergouw, Renée Koekemoer, An Econometric Monetary Policy Model for Sout Africa 49
Regional and Multiregional Models
A. Khalik Salman, A Forecasting Model of the OPEC Countries 99
Jerzy Jakubczyc, International Comparacite Study of a Country from an Economic, Financial and Political Risk Point of View 139
Stephen G. Hall, Modelling Economies in Transition 167
Eugeniusz Gatnar, Qualitative Modeling of Macroeconomic Systems 203
Henryk Gurgul, Stefan Schleicher, Stochastic Techniques in Input-Output Analysis 215
Applied Econometrics
Robert Kelm, Nina Łapińska-Sobczak, Władysław Welfe, Economic Mechanisms of the Polish Economy in Transition Multiplier Analysis Based on WK94 225
Martin Schellhorn, Shri Prakash, Ranita Dutta, Human Resource Allocation and education-Employment Trade-offs 273
Jacek J. Sztaudynger, Productivity Function and Price Understimation 297