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Publication history


23th Macromodels 1996
Wladyslaw Welfe, Piotr Wdowinski
ABSOLWENT, Lodz 1996, ISBN:83-86840-22-6
Introduction 5
National Economy Models
Shri Prakash, Shalini Singh, Inventory Investment and Generalisation of Mahalanobis Model of Growth 9
Jan Gadomski, Irana Woroniecka, Dynamic Model of the Polish Economy During the Transition Period 23
Adam Ćmiel, Henryk Gurgul, One- Sector Stochastic Growth Model 47
Tiiu Paas, Modeling the Potential Trade Flows Between Estonia and Herr Main Trading Partners 57
Financial Econometrics
Olga Nosova, On Modelling Foreign Investment 77
Econometric and Statistical Methods
Hans G. Strohe, A Dynamic Partial Least Squares Approach to Macroeconometric Modelling 99
Vadim Tichobaev, The Models of the Input-Output and Information Deficit 123
Czesław Domański, Dariusz Parys, The Step-Down Multiple Comparison Procedures. Some Problems Concercing the Power Comparison 131
Czesław Domański, Aleksandra Baszczyńska, Some Remarks on Nonparametric Estimation Using Spectral Methods 137
Tadeusz Kufel, Mariola Piłatowska, The Behaviour of Conformable Model in Finding the True Model. A Simulation Analysis 153
Macroeconometric Modelling and Policy Simulations
Kazimierz Frydel, Degrees of Freedom of the Money Circulation Model as a Sphere of the State Budget 175
Serguei Gerassimenko, Andrei Shustikov, Model of Forecasting Development Forecasting under Conditions of Moderate Stabilisation 189