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Publication history


24th Macromodels 1997
Jan B. Gajda, Aleksander Welfe
ABSOLWENT, Lodz 1998, ISBN:83-88384-49-X
Macroeconometric Modelling
A. Ćmiel, H. Gurgul, State-Space Form of Dynamic Input-Output Models with Time-Lags 7
A. Simon, Supply, Demand, Output and Trade During Transition in Hungary and Poland 15
J. Sztaudynger, Econometric Identification of Privatisation Effects 29
G. Minassian, The Currency Board in Bulgaria: Hopes and Fears 41
Policy Simulations and Macroeconometric Models
S.G. Hall, Modelling Economic Policy Responses 65
R. Wender, Calibration of Dynamic CEG Models – An Illustration of the Calibration Procedure for a DynamicPperfect Foresight Model of Austria 93
J. Gajda, E. Kuba, On Some Aspects of Applicability of Neural Networks in Forecasting Economic Phenomena 117
Econometric Techniques and Testing
A. Baszczyńska, Cz. Domański, Nonparametries Inference in the Case of Random Censoring 127
J. Gruber, Economic Effects of Space Energy Technologies (SET) on Individuals and Society 141
H.Gurgul, S. Białas, On Hypothesis About the Second Eigenvalue of the Leontief Matrix 153
E. Drabik, On Certain Examples of N-Person Repeated Games with Economic Application 159