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Publication history


25th Macromodels 1998
Wladyslaw Welfe
ABSOLWENT, Lodz 1998, ISBN:83-86840-75-7
Volume 2
Input-Otput Analysis and Optimisation
Adam Ćmiel, Henryk Gurgul, On Some Properties of the Straffa-von Neumann Model 5
Jakub Gutenbaum, Michał Inkielman, Multicriterial Decision-Making by Comparison of the Pareto-Optimal Sets for a Reduced Number of Objectives 15
Ewa Drabik, Auctions as Games 27
Labour and Inflation Modelling
Kai Carstensen, Gerd Hansen, Cointegration and Common Trends on the German Labour Market 51
Aleksander Welfe, Michał Majsterek, Modeling Inflation in Poland 87
Foreign Investment and Trade Modelling
Michał Przybyliński, Łucja Tomaszewicz, The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Polish Economy 99
Tiiu Pass, Gravity Approach to Modelling International Trade Pattern 115
Models of Financial Flows
Jan B. Gajda, Nina Łapińska-Sobczak, Financial Flows Simulations for the Polish Economy 145
Michal Olexa, Tomaš Klein, Miloslaw Tkáč, Modelling the Relations in the Revenues and Expenditures of the State Budget of the Slovak Republic 163
Economeric Methods
Jacek Osiewalski, Mateusz Pipień, Bayesian Forecasting of Exchange Rates Using Garch Models with Skewed t Conditional Distributions 195
Jacek Osiewalski, Mateusz Pipień, Garch-In-Mean Through Skewed t Conditional Distributions: Bayesian Inference for Exchange Rates 354
Kazimierz Krauze, Cointegration Tests in Models with Regime Shifts 219
Hans Gerhard Strohe, Frank Geppert, A Dynamic Path Model for German Share Prices with Latent Economic Variables 245