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28th Macromodels 2001
Wladyslaw Welfe
Preface 5
Macroeconometric Models of the Transition Economies
Wladyslaw Welfe, Aleksander Welfe, Waldemar Florczak, Leszek Sabanty, The Structure and Use of the Long-term Econometric Model W8-D of the Polish Economy 9
Olivier Basdevant, Ulo Kaasik, A Macroeconometric Model for Estonia 35
Valery Heyets, Maria Skrypnychenko, Sectoral Macro-models of Ukrainian Economy 55
Modelling Economies Growth
Robert M. Coen and Berd G. Hickman, The productivity Surge and Sustainable Growth (Abstract) 73
Tomasz Tokarski, Economic Growth and Employment Growth in Selected OECD Countries 75
Michal Przybylinski, Iwona Swierczewska, Explaining Technical Progress in the Labour Productivity Equations for IMPEC 99
Wladyslaw Welfe, Waldemar Florczak, Leszek Sabanty, Human Capital and its Endogenization 121
Issues in Macromodelling
Valery Heyets, Peculiarities of the Configuration of Cobweb Model in Transition Economies 155
Andras Simon, Viktor Varpalotai, Precaution, Optimal External Debt and Fully Non-Ricardian Behavior 167
Lawrence R. Klein, Suleyman Ozmucur, The Predictive Power of Survey. Results in Macroeconomic Analysis 181
Modelling Consumption, Unemployment and Wages
Gabor Vads, Income and Wealth Effect on Consumption and the Role of Non-Economic Variables 201
Nina Lapinska-Sobczak, Adam B. Czyzewski, Labour Cost and Unemployment in Poland in 90-ies 225
Grzegorz Kuczynski, Krystyna Strzala, Phillips Curve in Poland. Myth or Fact 239
Wladimir Prisniakov, A New Consideration of the Phillips Curve 253
Fiscal Policy Models
Gottfried Haber, Reinhard Neck, Klaus Weyerstrass, Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policies for Slovenia under Different Exchange Rate Regimes and Targets 269
Jan Bruha, A Green Tax Reform And Unemployment: the Case of the Czech Republic
Modelling Financial Markets
Malgorzata Doman, Volume's and Volatility of Stock Returns on the Warsaw Stock Exchange 299
Ryszard Doman, Classification of the Complexity of Polish Stock Returns and Exchange Rates 309
Renata Grzeda Latocha, Error Correction Model for 10 Years Government Bonds in Euro Area 319
Magdalena Sokalska, Common Fluctuations in Equity Returns in Central and Eastern Europe 333
Peter Winker, Manfred Gilli, How to Validate Agent Based Models of Financial Markets 357