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Publication history


12th Macromodels 1985
Wladyslaw Welfe, Pawel Tomczyk
OSSOLINEUM, WROCLAW 1991, ISBN:83-04-03427-1
Introduction 5
Estimation Theory
Ewa Gorska-Haladaj, Estimation of the Finite Distributed Lag Model-Results of Some Monte Carlo Experiments 9
Muhamed G. Habib, A.I. Bargal, Comaparison of Internal Estimation Procedures for an Exponential Mean Under Random Censorship 33
Muhamed G. Habib, A.I. Bargal, Efficiency of Kimball’s Linearized Maximum Likelihood Estimators for the Two-Parameter Weibull’s and Extreme Value Distributions 43
Statistical Tests and Computational Systems
Czeslaw Domanski, Andrzej S. Tomaszewicz, Some Remarks on Power of Linearity Tests 55
Peter Hackl, Comparison of Some Tests for Structural Change 63
Leszek J. Jasinski, The Near-Extreme Multicollinearity Coefficient 71
Miloslav Tkáč, Štefan Condik, Interactive Statistical Computing System IVED 79
Special Models
Wilhelm Krelle, Long-Term Fluctuations of Technical Progress and Growth 93
Christian Lager, The use of Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for Comparative Static Equilibrium Modelling 121
Personal Incomes and Expenditures-Models and Estimation
Rabie Z.Amer, Analysis of Consumption Expenditure Pattern in Kuwait 139
Muhamed Y. El-Bassiouni, Rabie Z. Amer, Estimation of Income Inequality Measures in Kuwait 151
Jozef Pociecha, Taxonometric Models of Personal Expenditures 161