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Publication history


13th and 14th Macromodels 1986 and 1987
Wladyslaw Welfe, Zbigniew Wasilewski
Wydawnictwo UL, Lodz 1995, ISBN:83-7016-803-5
Part I 5
MACROMODELS '86. 13th Conference Problems and Estimation of Large Econometric Models (Szczyrk-Biala, 3-5 December, 1986)
Bernd Schips, The Use of Econometric Models in the Process of Making Decision 9
Zygmunt Zielinski and Tadeusz Kufel, Specification of Dymic Properties of the Econometric Models in the Light of Conformable Model’s Concept 25
Jerzy Romanski, Władysław Welfe, An Alternative Variant of a Minimodel of the Polish Economy Under Desequilibrium 53
Dorota Witkowska, A Note on Specification of an Optimal Control Model of an Economic System for a Centrally Planned Economy 71
Gerhard Thury, Macroeconometric Forecasting in Austria. An Atheist’s Viewpoint 85
Nina Lapinska-Sobczak, Modelling of Financial Sector in the Market Economy and Centrally Planned Economy 99
Antoni Rogucki, Credited Investent Redemption Modelling 113
Dušan Strauch, The Empirical Analysis of Motivation Factors Impact on the Development of Labour Productivity. (An Econometric Approach) 119
Jan Mládek, Shortage – the Barrier of Modeling Consumption in Centrally Planned Economy 133
Maria Lubera and Krystyna Pruska, Disequilibrium Model of the Labour Market in Fuel-Power Industry in Poland 151
Czeslaw Ceglowski and Zenon M. Woźniak, Application of Simulation Methods to Production Planning in an Agricurtural Enterprise 161
Blagoja Shumkosky, M., Ymeri, Jevtich Živojnt, T. Ivanovich, State Space Dual Contrel Disinflation Model of Yuguslav’s Balance of Payments 171
A. Bartłomiej Czyżewski, Wladysław Welfe, Modelling of Structural Change 172
Mieczyslaw Iwanek, Andrzej Sikorski, Level and Structure of Consumption in Poland. Simulation Analyses (1986-1995) 177
P. Pocha, J. Menaker, Practical Realization of Regional Forecasting Models System 173
Pawel Tomczyk, Prospects of East-West Trade Until 1990 174
Pawel Tomczyk, Wladysław Welfe, Impact of Foreign Trade in the Linked Model of the CMEA Countries 175
Part II 5
MACROMODELS ’87, 14th Conference Problems of Building and Estimation of Large Econometric Models (Porabka-Kozubnik, 8-11.December, 1987)
Gerhard Gehrig, Econometric Models and Input-Output Analysis 181
Reiner Stäglin, Input-Output Models for Policy Analysis: the Structural Reporting System in the Federal Republic of Germany 187
Ari Lahti and Matti Viren, Using a Macromodel to Examine Policy Alternatives: Some Finnish Results 195
Wladysław Welfe, Topics in Macro-Modelling of Industrializing Oil Producting Countries 205
E.M. Levitsky, Statistcal Analysis and Forecasting of the Technical Progress Influence on the Economic Growth 227
Miroslav Toms and Michal Mejstrik, Disequlibrium, Quality of Goods and Planned Equilibrium Prices 235
M.Adamov, The Economic Growth Analysis of the Production on the Base of Macroeconomic Modelling 255
Rumen Dobrinsky, The CMEA Country Models of the Bonn-Iiasa Project: Closed CPE Models in an Open Environment 255
Ulrich Heilemann, Thomas Weiss, On Changes in West Germany Macroeconomic Price Determinants 256
P.Kramer, Development in Real, Wages, Scope for Reducing European Unemployment? An Empirical Medium – Term Analysis Based on the Interlink Model 257
Blagoja Shumosky, Ymeri Maliz, T. Ivanovich, State Space Dual Control Disinflation Model for Yugoslav’s Balance of Payments 257
Ivan Sujan, Milota Sujanova, Model Simulations of the Czechoslovak Economy Development up to the Year 2000 258