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Publication history


17th Macromodels 1990
Wladyslaw Welfe
ABSOLWENT, Lodz 1997, ISBN:83-86840-54-4
Introduction 5
Anton P. Barten, Consumer Allocation Models: Choice of Functional Form 7
Tadeusz W. Bołt, Wiesław Metyk, Jerzy Ossowski, Explanatory Variables Structure and Aggregation in Linear Models 43
Hanna Bury, Roman Kulikowski, Long Term Simulation Model of the Economy 59
Gerhard Gehrig, Some Prospects for Macromodels in the ‘90s 65
Wolfgang Hauschulz, Hysteresis and Cointegration 73
Bohdan Kłos, The Econometric Model of Centrally Planned Economy Poland 1971-1985 109
Kazimierz Krauze, Problem of Specification of Some Non-Linear Disaggregated Models 143
Tadeusz Kufel, Mariola Piłatowska, The White Noise Properties in the Dynamic Conformable Modelling 163
Roman Kulikowski, Access Competition and Disequilibrium in Economic and Political Models 179
Witold Orłowski, The Computable General Equilibrium Model of Poland for Tax Policy Evaluation 201
Magdalena Osińska, Causality Tests for the Economic Time Series Models 211