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Publication history


18th Macromodels 1991
Wladyslaw Welfe, Waldemar Florczak
ABSOLWENT, Lodz 1995, ISBN:83-903074-5-6
Introduction 5
Macroeconometrics Models
Ivan Sujan, Michal Olexa, Jan Haluška, Judita Orsagova, A Short-Term Forecasting Model of the Czecho-Slovak Economy for the Transition Period 9
Yngve Abrahamsen, Christof Huth, Bernd Schips, A Macroeconomic Model for Switzerland Used as a Training Instrument in Management Courses 41
Yngve Abrahamsen, Christof Huth, Bernd Schips, An Econometric Model of the Swiss Economy for Simulation Purposes 47
Giorgio Bodo, G. Bruno, G. Parigi, S. Siviero, Diagnostic Checking of Large Econometric Models: An Application to the Models of the Bank of Italy 77
Input-Output Models
Henryk Gurgul, Random Generalization of Dynamic Leontief Model with Two-Period Lags 147
Dietmar Edler, Reiner Stäglin, The Influence of Prices on Intermediate Input and Output Pattern 157
Sanadze Sergei, Sanadze Aliev, Automatized Complex of Input-Output Models and Algorithms 173
Małgorzata Kokocińska, Wiesława Przybylska-Kapuścińska, The Application of the Method of Business Survey in Intermediate Economies 183
Econometric Techniques and Application
Kazimierz Krauze, Aggregated Variables and Varying Regression Coefficients 227
Jerzy Romański, Krystyna Strzała, Testing for Integration and Cointegration with Macroeconomic Indicators for Poland 263
Peter Eckstein, Graphical Stability Analysis of Linear Regression Relationships 287
Jitka Zichová, On the Power of Some Tests of Fit for Binomial Distribution 303